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This article is Part 1 in a series on the Left’s war on the First Amendment with the free speech social platform Parler and January 6th DC Gulag Political Prisoner, Troy Smocks, as key battle casualties.

 On Monday, February 7, 2022, the Department of Homeland Security put out the National Terrorism Advistory System bulletin that outlined the Biden regime’s newest campaign in its war on the freedom of speech guaranteed to American Citizens.  

 In coordination with Biden’s Department of Justice, the bulletin attempts to emphasize the federal government’s claims that “the United States remains in a heightened threat environment fueled by several factors, including an online environment filled with false or misleading narratives and conspiracy theories, and other forms of misinformation, disinformation, and mal-information.” 

 The federal government went on in the Advisory to represent that the number one culprit to the nation’s security threat is, “the proliferation of false or misleading narratives, which sow discord or undermine public trust in US Government institutions.” Although the words from the Department of Homeland Security may come across to many as nothing more than the usual Washington elitists’ vague and ambiguous jargon, Constitutional scholars and novices alike view these words as an indicator that the tyrannical federal government has made its final assault on the First Amendment and its freedom of speech protections.

The First Amendment distinguishes United States citizens from all others in the world. 

Over the last two decades in America, democrat and rino globalists have intentionally and strategically worked to unravel the social fabric that unites our country.  America’s culture is not merely an experience.  To be American endowed with inalienable rights IS a state of being.

It is as the French verb être translates, “to be” or as the French philosopher Rene Descartes put it, cogito, ergo sum “I think, therefore I am” or as Shakespeare penned, “to be or not to be”.  

American culture with its inherent free expression embodies a uniquely American attitude.

Americans formulate their ideas, ingenuity, skills, and crafts incorporating current and past legacies with tenacity and zeal to produce the greatest contributions in the history of mankind. But none of this would be possible without the freedoms of expression and speech which accompany the idea of America that invokes the constitutional protections of the First Amendment.

Taking control of communications and movement is the most essential first step in any war campaign or hostile takeover environment. To silence a nation constitutes its ultimate show of defeat. While the entire country watches on with uncertainty, the fate of America lingers in the balance of an internal grab for power.

The remainder of the world’s population is left to question their own future and plight for freedom if America falls.

“Americans have always been the untamed cowboys of the western world. If the globalist can get America to bow down, then the rest of the world has no hope at all,” says 71 year old US Army veteran and January 6th, DC Gulag detainee and Political Prisoner, Lonnie Coffman.

But Coffman is only one of many Americans who have determined that free speech in this country may soon be a thing of the past, unless America unites and fights back.

“We didn’t risk our lives in the sandbox of Afghanistan fighting for the rights and constitution of other people, just to come home to find our own government trying so hard to deprive us of ours,” stated former US Army Ranger, business owner and current January 6th DC Gulag Political Prisoner, Jessica Watkins.

Three years ago on July 7, 2019, publisher David Sumrall and his team, one of the country’s most underrated and fact based political journalism platforms, co-sponsored and attended a Demand Free Speech rally in Washington, D.C..  BLM and Antifa, acting as what appeared to be the Left’s civilian allied forces, violently crashed the event in an effort to stifle the exercise of free speech that covered conservative views.

However, the deprivation of constitutionally protected free speech for conservative Americans can no longer be credited only to government sanctioned street thugs. The Biden regime’s goal to silence Americans by fear tactics and economic sanctions began long before the February 7th announcement by the Department of Homeland Security to prosecute American citizens for internet “disinformation”.

The violence initiated and perpetuated by the Capitol and DC Metro Police which occurred at the US Capitol on January 6, 2021 has had much farther reaching effects on the sanctity of American free speech than anyone realizes, even by those who were directly impacted.  If America is to keep and protect our First Amendment, the time to act is now.




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