Dominic Pezzola, J6 Defendant & Proud Boy


As most of you know  Dominic Pezzola has been held as a political prisoner since he turned himself into authorities on Jan 15th for his iparticipation in the rallythat took place in Washington DC. Dominic has been accused of several serious crimes that hold no bearing and are completely false. He has been blasted my not only the media but named over 12 times at Trump’s last failed impeachment hearing. He has absolutly no chance at a fair trial and we are doing our best to fight back against this tyranny. First and foremost, Dominic is a true patriot who risked himself to stand up to our overreaching tyrannical government. He is an Honorably discharged Marine Corps Veteran. He stands true to the oath he took to defend our constitution against all enemies foreign and domestic, although he is no longer in the military he vowed to abide by that oath for the entirety of his life. At this time Dominic has been held in solitary confinement for over 6 months. In this time, he has undergone inhumane treatment in the deplorable DC jail. He has been refused basic human rights, medical care, and access to his attorney by the super liberal authorities in charge. Dominic has been the victim of retaliation several time by being put in the “hole” anytime I or his attorney have spoken out about the abuses taking place inside of the jail. He was left there for two weeks without even having a disciplinary hearing, because the guard who put him in there for absolutely no reason quit her job immediately after putting him there and never even filed a complaint for him being there. He sat for 2 weeks being completely forgot about by the authorities that be. Dominic and I have 2 beautiful girls (20), and (17), to say the least these children have been put through the ringer. Our oldest had to withdraw from college last semester as her father was the sole provider for our family as I am currently in graduate school myself. She does not recieve any aid and her tuition falls solely on us.  Our youngest daughter had to forego her school year and  summer activities and trips because of the lack of her father’s income. I have spent our entire savings and we are now on our third attorney. The first one just took the money and ran, the second was DC appointed lawyer who had absolutely no intention of fighting for Dominic  and made false statements to the mainstream media regarding Dominic and his stance and viewpoints on the current situation. The attorney he has now is amazing and is fighting tooth and nail, however we have neared the end of the retainer funds and it’s becoming a serious struggle to make it by on what little is left. Just the other day someone hit my car in the grocery store parking lot and just took off leaving me to try and figure out a way to have it fixed. (I have no way to fix it right now), the bills are piling up and the credit card limits are being reached. Anyone who knows me knows I am not one to ask for help, but I now have no other choice as my children are beginning to suffer.  I pray that the patriots may be able to help my family as Dominic has and continues to stand up for us all and our country.

From Dominic “I do not blame President Trump, never have and never will for what happened on that day. I blame all the corrupt politicians who swore the same oath as me, but don’t follow it. I blame all the elected officials who have decided to serve themselves other than the people who gave them the power, that have sold out the COUNTRY to enrich and benefit ONLY THEMSELVES. Trump is the warrior President fighting for US and I stand with him”



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